Privacy statement

Privacy provisions of uemis DiveWorld


The protection of personal data is a central concern of uemis DiveWorld.
With these privacy provisions, uemis DiveWorld provides information as to how uemis DiveWorld will process members' personal data, and how this data can be exchanged with other users.
These privacy provisions supplement the General Terms and Conditions.

1 Basic principles used by uemis DiveWorld when processing personal data

uemis DiveWorld complies with the following principles for the protection of personal data:
* uemis DiveWorld collects, processes and uses the personal data in compliance with the Federal Act for Data Protection of the Swiss Confederation.
* uemis DiveWorld uses the personal data exclusively to enable the use of the uemis DiveWorld internet services for which registration is required. In no case will uemis DiveWorld make the personal data available to third parties for advertising or marketing purposes, or otherwise provide it to third parties.
* The nickname and – if filled out – the signature and the coordinates and any uploaded image with a corresponding caption are visible to all persons. In addition, if visibility is selected for the actual name, the first name and last name will also be displayed.
* All other information can then be seen both by non-members and uemis DiveWorld members only if and to the extent explicitly permitted (see Section 4 of these privacy provisions).
* Email address, dive experience, gender and age are never displayed.

2 Established terms for these privacy provisions

uemis DiveWorld uses certain established terms in these privacy provisions:

  • "Personal data" are all details about one's personal or factual circumstances.
  • The web pages where uemis DiveWorld offers the uemis DiveWorld services are referred to collectively as the "uemis DiveWorld web site".
  • The users registered at the uemis DiveWorld web site are referred to as "members".
  • The services offered on the uemis DiveWorld web site which require registration are referred as "uemis DiveWorld services".
  • The personal data that must be entered during registration for the uemis DiveWorld services (mandatory fields) and other associated voluntary information is called "account information".
  • The additional personal data that is presented based on information from the member is referred to as a "profile".

3 What does uemis DiveWorld know about the members, what does a member permit for uemis DiveWorld and the members, and what happens to the personal data?

3.1 Account information

In order for the uemis DiveWorld services to function properly, uemis DiveWorld must collect and process certain personal data as account information at the time of registration. This initially includes following data at some point:

  • User name
  • Password.

In no event and at no time are the user name and password are visible to members. In no event will uemis DiveWorld pass this data to third parties and/or otherwise make third parties aware of it.
In addition, the following mandatory fields must be filled out at the time of registration:

  • Type of member
  • First name, last name
  • Email
  • Nickname.

In addition, whether the actual name is to be displayed as first name/last name, or whether only the nickname is to be displayed must be selected in the field "Name visibility". The nickname is displayed by default.
The email address will never be displayed. Using a special form, members can send a message to other members of uemis DiveWorld. The transmission will take place via email. As a result, the recipient will know the email address of the sender and can send his or her response to this address.

3.2 Optional information

In addition to the mandatory account information, additional information (referred to as "optional information" below) can be provided on a voluntary basis, which makes it possible for other members to better know a member. At present, a second given name, a company or organization, coordinates and a signature are included as part of optional information. In addition, an image can be uploaded and supplemented with a caption.

3.3. Profile

The profile can be supplemented voluntarily with the following personal contact data:

  • Private phone
  • Business phone
  • Mobile phone
  • Fax
  • Skype
  • Web site (URL/text)
  • Address (address 1, address 2, postal code, city or location, district, region/province, country)
  • Diving experience
  • Date of birth
  • Gender.

The profile serves the same purpose as the additional information in the account information.

4 Visibility of the profile

The extent of the sphere of privacy can be set at any time under "Change profile\Visibility". As such, a member chooses either greater privacy or greater visibility on the internet and thus greater accessibility of the profile at the same time.
The profile data can be released as follows:

  • Private (the profile is visible only to the corresponding member)
  • Public (the profile is visible to all, even to non-members)
  • uemis DiveWorld (the profile is visible only to members).

5 Groups

At the uemis DiveWorld web site, uemis DiveWorld offers defined groups and similar services (referred to below collectively as "forums").
Each group has one (1) or more moderator (s). The moderator will decide for his or her group whether it is public or whether it is accessible only to a certain group of people, and who has read and/or write rights within the respective group. This information will be displayed for the respective group on the uemis DiveWorld web site, and it will also be visible to non-members if released by the moderator.
Please note: If a group at the uemis DiveWorld web site is designated as "public", and if the moderator has not restricted access rights to the group, then the contributions entered in the group by members can be read be all members, and the contributions will also be freely accessible in this case to uemis DiveWorld non-members on the internet through internet search engines or through so-called RSS readers.

6 Invitations

Members can invite other persons to become members at uemis DiveWorld. uemis DiveWorld will use the personal data collected for this purpose exclusively for purposes of the invitation and no other purposes.

7 Search functions

The uemis DiveWorld services offer various options for searching for certain other members, including a power search function and a search agent. These various search functions help members find other members and thus expand their personal network or collect information in a very targeted manner.

8 Newsletter, subscriptions and notifications

uemis DiveWorld will send a newsletter only if it is absolutely necessary in order to inform members in this manner regarding new features at uemis DiveWorld, or regarding other important information.
Most areas at the uemis DiveWorld web site can be subscribed to. Members receive a notification via email if the corresponding subscribed entry at the website is amended or supplemented.
The member can customize the frequency of notifications under "myDiveWorld\Personal information - private\Notifications" to his or her requirements accordingly. In addition, subscriptions can be cancelled there.

9 Cookies

The uemis DiveWorld services use cookies after log-on (with user name and password), with which the member can be identified for the duration of the visit. A cookie is stored on the computer. If cookies cannot be accepted as a matter of principle, the uemis DiveWorld web site can still be visited. The user name and password would then always need to be re-entered.

10 Log files

Access data will be stored in a log file, the server log, for each page request. The record stored as a result contains the following data:

  • the IP address (through which the computer can be unambiguously identified),
  • the remote host (name and IP address of the computer that requests the page),
  • the time, the status, the quantity of data transferred and the internet page from which the user visited the requested page (referrer), as well as
  • the product and version information for the browser used (user agent).

uemis DiveWorld uses the log data (logs) anonymously, and thus without correlation or reference to persons, for statistical analyses. As such, uemis DiveWorld can learn, for example, on what days and at what times the offerings of the uemis DiveWorld web site are particularly popular, and what volume of data is produced at the uemis DiveWorld web site. In addition, uemis DiveWorld can detect possible errors using the log files (broken links or program errors, for example) and thus use the log files for the development of the uemis DiveWorld web site. uemis DiveWorld does not associate the page requests and usage stored in the server log with individual persons. However, uemis DiveWorld reserves the right to subsequently review the log files for the last known IP addresses of those members for whom, based on specific facts, the suspicion exists that they are using the uemis DiveWorld web site and/or the uemis DiveWorld services in a manner that is unlawful and/or in violation of the contract. This serves to protect both the members and the security of member data as well as the uemis DiveWorld web site and the uemis DiveWorld services.
In addition, each entry of and change to content by members is logged; this is also visible on the web site with the content.

11 Changes to the privacy provisions

uemis DiveWorld reserves the right to change these privacy provisions at any time if changes become necessary as a result of provisional gaps subsequently detected, or with regard to new services provided by uemis DiveWorld.
The current version of the privacy statement on the uemis DiveWorld web site is always the applicable one. uemis DiveWorld will provide notice via email to the email address specified in the context of registration regarding important changes to these privacy provisions.

12 Accessibility of the privacy provisions

These privacy provisions can be accessed and printed out anywhere from the uemis DiveWorld web site under Privacy.
The version published here is current as of April 2008