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This cosmopolitan and still unique information platform addresses not only demanding divers and service providers but will also appeal to everyone interested in actively sharing information on diving within the scope of this site. You are invited to the rich content offered by uemis DiveWorld.

Are you looking for a divespot but can’t find it? Then you can enter it yourself! You can exchange notes with peers or ask for help in the forum. You can set up your own blog, immerse yourself in the contributions to the magazine, compile your own photo album. Whatever you feel like doing, we’re sure you will have a great time here at uemis DiveWorld.

Schools, shops and other diving-related service providers have the opportunity to present themselves in a candid and objective manner, in the same format as their competitors worldwide.

The uemis DiveWorld editorial team considers it critically important to keep the site’s community area (forum, blog and members section) as well as the welcome page completely free of all paid advertising. Our aim is to focus on the provision and professional exchange of information among divers. Advertising banners will be restricted to the magazine.

Finally, you should also know that uemis DiveWorld is privy to a revolutionary secret that will have a big impact on the world of diving. Our sponsor will reveal it to the global divers community in December 2008. A separate website will tell you more about this, and slowly lift this well-kept secret to the surface.

We make no secret of our secret!

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