News from myDiveWorld

There’s a lot going on. We have enhanced the features of myDiveWorld…

In order to make it even more comfortable to use, we have broadened the range of functions for all members.

Access Authorization

You can determine the settings for the visibility of profile data, image galleries and blogs even more differentially now.
- Private: Nobody can see your entries.
- (New) Buddies: Buddies can see your entries.
- Uemis DiveWorld: All uemis DiveWorld members can see your entries.
- Public: Everyone can see your entries.


The visibility of profile data can be determined according to the four access authorization levels.

Image Galleries

We have extended the gallery function. You can now create sub-galleries in order to organize your image collection more conveniently. You can set access authorizations for each gallery individually. Another new feature is the possibility to simultaneously upload several pictures. The maximum size of images has been increased.


Every uemis DiveWorld member can create several blogs and individually determine the access rights.


You may ask other members to become your buddy. A list of your confirmed buddies will be displayed in myDiveWorld. You may allow only buddies to view galleries, blog posts and log book entries.

Internal Message Function

Members of uemis DiveWorld can send each other personal messages. You just have to click on the mail icon which is displayed once the members has logged in. Sender and recipient of the message will automatically be added to the contact list, which can be edited in myDiveWorld. When you receive a new message in uemis DiveWorld, you are informed by e-mail.

New Layout For myDiveWorld

The contents of myDiveWorld have been restructured. At the top you will now find the message and buddy functions, followed by the public domains with galleries and blogs, and by the community activities. Private data now comes at the end. Private bookmarks are no longer visible for other users. Special providers offer their services for social bookmarks.

Owners Of Scuba Diver Assistants (SDA)

Those who own a SDA can transfer dive spots, contact data of other members and diving facilities to their SDA. You can add notes and images from the gallery to the dives you registered in the personal SDA logbook and show these to others in myDiveWorld.