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Spezielles: Untiefe / Erg / Tila

Gewässername: Indian Ocean

Gewässerregion: Maldives

Niveau: alle Niveaus

Wasserart: Meerwasser

Gewässer: Meer

Zugang: Boot

Meeresschutzgebiet: Ja


Veröffentlicht: 05.12.2008

Urheber: Lionfish

Zuletzt geändert: 05.12.2008

Geändert von: Lionfish

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Geografische Angaben

Breitengrad: 4.56873 / N 4° 34.124'
Längengrad: 73.378998 / E 73° 22.74'

Soziale Lesezeichen

Kuda Faru (Marine Protected Area)

One of the highlights in the North Male Atoll with a lot of big fish.

Tauchspot: Makunudhoo Kandu

weitere Namen: Saddle - Shark Point

Tauchstandort: -

Tauchregion: North Male Atoll

Tauchdistrikt: -

Tauchland: Maldives (MV)

Kuda Faru
Kuda faru is located north of Reethi Rah and is one of the highlights of the northwest. It is a finger of reef extending into the channel a short distance from the outside corner of Makunudu kandu.The reef is like a thila. The top is at 13 meters, slightly oval in shape and about 50 meters long. It is separated from the main reef by a sand saddle at 15 meters. The thila extends into Makunudu kandu for some distance on the southern side. The west side has more drop off side than the east and is also the best for shark watching. There is an overhang with soft corals at 25 meters depth to the southwest of the thila.

Marine Life
This is one of our best dive sites for sharks. Thanks to the often hard current, the corals are recovering fast. Lumps of hard corals (mostly acropora) are popping up everywhere. The soft coral growth is at best from the overhang along the southern slope of the thila. One can dive the thila independently from the side the current comes but preferably with the current from the west due to generally better visibility. With a strong current, divers can hang on to dead coral and look over the sand valley where as many as 20 reef sharks, both white-tip and gray, can be seen at one time. On the west side mating white-tips have often been observed. The reef is also host to a rich fish life, with morays, snappers, groupers, triggers, napoleons, scorpion fish and more. Gropes of eagle rays are common from November to May. Turtles are usually seen.

Experience Level: Beginner to experienced; When the current is strong, this dive site is only suitable for experienced divers.


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