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Spezielles: Höhle / Grotte, Wrack, Steilwand / Drop-Off, Untiefe / Erg / Tila, Uferzugang

Gewässername: Indian Ocean

Gewässerregion: -

Niveau: alle Niveaus

Wasserart: Meerwasser

Gewässer: Meer

Zugang: Boot

Meeresschutzgebiet: Ja


Veröffentlicht: 25.09.2008

Urheber: DocMartens

Zuletzt geändert: 25.09.2008

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Geografische Angaben

Breitengrad: -8.0973 / S 8° 5.838'
Längengrad: 156.835007 / E 156° 50.1'


Colour is every where here.

Cockpit of sunken Fighter

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Depth: 7-37m
Avg Visibility: 10+m
Dive Rating: Open Water and above

Tauchspot: American Hellcat Fighter Plane

weitere Namen: -

Tauchstandort: Gizo

Tauchregion: Ghizo Island

Tauchdistrikt: -

Tauchland: Solomon Islands (SB)

The plane is completely intact and lying in ten metres of water. A comprehensive history of the plane is available and the dive is high on the list for underwater photographers.

Gizo is renowned for having the most diverse and exciting diving to be found anywhere in the world, with the "Toa Maru" a 7,5000 ton Japanese transport ship, 130m in length, lying intact in 8-37 meters of water (the perfect wreck dive for all levels of divers); three WWII fighter aircraft; plummeting walls; Manta ray dives and "Grand Central Station", the ultimate big fish dive.


Solomon Airlines flies from Brisbane to Honiara on Tuesdays and Thursdays using a Boeing 737-300 which they lease from Air Vanuatu. The main port of entry into the Solomon Islands is at Henderson Airport on the island of Guadalcanal, situated approximately 10 minutes drive from the capital of Honiara. The town is situated on the northern coastline and incorporates a small picturesque seaport at Point Cruz. Scuba diving is available on liveaboard cruise vessels based in Honiara, or from Tulagi, Maravaghi Resort, Yandina Resort, Munda, Uepi or Gizo

To get to Gizo you join the locals in a very long boat ride and hopefully you'll make it, or catch a Solomon Airlines De Havilland Twin Otter, from Henderson Airfield for the 1.5 hour flight to Gizo. The airstrip at Gizo has been carved out of the tiny, narrow Nusatupe Island. When booking your accomodation most place will pick you and your gear up and transport you to area you wish to stay. Make sure you ask and ring again prior to leaving Honiara, just in case they beatle nut up and forget. whilst in Honiara I recommend staying at the King Solomon Hotel, but there are others around.


Your excitement. known your limitations and a the usual ocean critters. Also remember that your in a Malaria Area so take your pills.


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